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Baby I Care

Singles for ceyeo's second album, Baby I Care, start dropping in January 2023, with the entire album releasing in August.

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Feb 3, 2023

By Os Garotos de Liverpool

'Ecstasy' is a track that certainly shows all the artist's talent and ease in traveling through different styles in one song.

First 10 new singles for February

Jan 28, 2023

By Spacesour

His latest release “Ecstacy” is exactly what we’re talking about: get ready to immerse in the beautiful sound of this incredible artist.

HYPERSPACE: Best Discoveries of the Week – Episode Twentytwo

Jan 27, 2023

By The Music Asylum

I cannot describe how much I love this track and how well Ceyeo has done with this one! Go and give “Ecstacy” a listen to now and you will not be disappointed!

Ceyeo – Ecstacy

Jan 25, 2023

By Music For All

The new work shows a natural evolution of the artist, in addition to new elements, which contribute even more to the quality of his music.

Ceyeo: North American releases first preview of his second album

Nov 23, 2022


Overall, this song is a great example of how to create a captivating narrative and impact your listeners emotionally. We're excited to hear more from him in the future!


Aug 17, 2022

By Fruit Sonic

“Summer Love” revels in the exquisite detail that Ceyeo delivers with such ease.

Ceyeo presents a true party-starter on the easy-going atmosphere of “Summer Love”

Aug 11, 2022

By Fame Magazine

The multitalented artist bends the conventions of genres of hip-hop and pop with an overarching, engaging alt-rock electronic verve.

Ceyeo shares ‘Machine Learning’ album along with Top Influences

Aug 10, 2022


Overall, Ceyeo’s flexibility is impressive. Not easy to be comfortable with so many genres and style changes, but the talented American artist makes it feel like a breeze.

Ceyeo Releases Multi-Genre Album ‘Machine Learning’

Ceyeo is a Chicago-based artist whose first album, ‘Machine Learning,’ released in 2022, has over 2.5 million streams in over 100 countries.


Inspired by the artists, protest songs and poetry of the 60’s and 70’s, as well as music from all time periods and genres, Ceyeo combines EDM, rock, conscious hip-hop and R&B to create intricate music with an accessible alt feel that subverts typical rock and pop conventions.

Ceyeo's first album, Machine Learning, released in 2022 is a record with a complex personality. There are emotionally intricate songs that tackle subjects like psychological disorders and social abandonment. However there is also a lighter side to the album that has fun psychedelic lyrics and musical nods to the 90's.

The album blends Rock with Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B and uses heavy guitars, passionate strings, brooding synths along with classical instruments to create an accessible alt feel that subverts typical rock and pop conventions


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