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Together They Were Nothing

New Single 'Confession' Out Now!

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Classically-trained Ceyeo is a singer, songwriter, producer from Chicago. Ceyeo’s interest in theme-based albums sparked the creation of Baby I Care in 2023, which is based around the theme of hope, optimism and positivity.  


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Ceyeo's first album, Machine Learning, released in 2022 is a record with a complex personality. There are emotionally intricate songs that tackle subjects like psychological disorders and social abandonment. However there is also a lighter side to the album that has fun psychedelic lyrics and musical nods to the 90's.

The album blends Rock with Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B and uses heavy guitars, passionate strings, brooding synths along with classical instruments to create an accessible alt feel that subverts typical rock and pop conventions


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Oct 26, 2023

Chicago-based talent Ceyeo shares introspective visuals for jazz-tinged ballad “Ruins,” taken from his sophomore album Baby I Care, a collection of genre-bending tracks that allures audiences with lush melodies and emphatic, passionate and thought-provoking lyricism.

Ceyeo shares visuals for jazz-tinged ballad "Ruins" from album 'Baby I Care'

Mar 10, 2023

By PlasticMagazine

Ceyeo’s latest release “Lost” tackles the painful and long-term trauma of war, and does so with an optimistic and upbeat vibe that’s as catchy as it is poignant.

Ceyeo drops new single “Lost”

Mar 7, 2023

By Sinusoidal Music

With incredible lyrics and heartfelt, relatable poetry being his centrefold, you’re in for a treat with every release.

Ceyeo - Lost | Inked In truth

Feb 26, 2023

By WeWriteAboutMusic

Hitting on all cylinders in terms of strong lyricism, genre-blending, and a powerful message, the artist known as Ceyeo has done impeccable work on their single, “Lost”.

Ceyeo blends genres on their lyrically powerful single, "Lost"

Feb 3, 2023

By Os Garotos de Liverpool

'Ecstasy' is a track that certainly shows all the artist's talent and ease in traveling through different styles in one song.

First 10 new singles for February

Jan 28, 2023

By Spacesour

His latest release “Ecstacy” is exactly what we’re talking about: get ready to immerse in the beautiful sound of this incredible artist.

HYPERSPACE: Best Discoveries of the Week – Episode Twentytwo

Jan 27, 2023

By The Music Asylum

I cannot describe how much I love this track and how well Ceyeo has done with this one! Go and give “Ecstacy” a listen to now and you will not be disappointed!

Ceyeo – Ecstacy

Jan 25, 2023

By Music For All

The new work shows a natural evolution of the artist, in addition to new elements, which contribute even more to the quality of his music.

Ceyeo: North American releases first preview of his second album

Classically-trained Ceyeo is a songwriter, vocalist and producer from Chicago. Ceyeo’s interest in theme-based albums sparked the creation of ‘Machine Learning’ in 2022, which is about moving forward in a world of alienation and inequality to anyone who doesn’t fit the norm. His second album ‘Baby I Care,’ released in 2023, was themed on caring, hope, optimism and positivity.  


For his third album, titled ‘Together They Were Nothing,’ Ceyeo focuses on the themes of anger, anxiety and despair due to unhealthy relationships, greed and the lack of unity in the world.


In making ‘Together They Were Nothing,’ Ceyeo took a unique approach to first compose 10 classical piano etudes, for inspiration, and then produced those classical pieces into indie rock by adding rock instrumentation, synth layers, and vocals.  The result is a clear evolution in Ceyeo’s writing and his most accessible album yet. 


The first single for Together They Were Nothing, titled ‘Confession’ releases on February 16, 2024, with the full album releasing in October.

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