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Ceyeo is a Chicago-based artist whose first album, ‘Machine Learning,’ released in 2022, has over 2.5 million streams in over 100 countries.


Inspired by the artists, protest songs and poetry of the 60’s and 70’s, as well as music from all time periods and genres, Ceyeo combines EDM, rock, conscious hip-hop and R&B to create intricate music with an accessible alt feel that subverts typical rock and pop conventions.

Baby I Care

  1. Ecstacy

  2. Shadow Of Blue

  3. Lost

  4. Baby I Care

  5. Ruins

  6. Imposter

  7. Song of Together

  8. Mercy St

  9. Progress

  10. The Question

Singles for Ceyeo's second album, Baby I Care, start dropping January 23. With the entire album releasing in August.

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