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Classically-trained Ceyeo is a songwriter, vocalist and producer from Chicago. Ceyeo’s interest in theme-based albums sparked the creation of ‘Machine Learning’ in 2022, which is about moving forward in a world of alienation and inequality to anyone who doesn’t fit the norm. His second album ‘Baby I Care,’ released in 2023, was themed on caring, hope, optimism and positivity.  


For his third album, titled ‘Together They Were Nothing,’ Ceyeo focuses on the themes of anger, anxiety and despair due to unhealthy relationships, greed and the lack of unity in the world.


In making ‘Together They Were Nothing,’ Ceyeo took a unique approach to first compose 10 classical piano etudes, for inspiration, and then produced those classical pieces into indie rock by adding rock instrumentation, synth layers, and vocals.  The result is a clear evolution in Ceyeo’s writing and his most accessible album yet. 


The first single for Together They Were Nothing, titled ‘Confession’ releases on February 16, 2024, with the full album releasing in October.


** I think you may be lost
                                                she said
and then she put her hand on my head
yea.  I think you might be right, I guess
and this is as good a time as any to confess
so here goes

listen up, because i feel like I’m gonna drown
just sitting here,  I can’t breath and being pulled underground
vivid thoughts in my head just spinning around and around and around
taking me back there, making me angry and killing my will to care

something needs to change because I can’t take this anymore.
It’s like I walked into a room without a floor
and I don’t need permission, and I’m tired of opposition
what I need is someone to just listen and recognize my condition.

ain’t it funny that this is me now, I never saw it coming
it’s messed up how things turned out to be, I never thought I’d be the one running
I thought I was doing good, but I was just turned crazy
Now I’m on edge,  there’s no downtime, I only feel mad, and my brain is hazy

you know I’ve seen things I wish I hadn’t
did things I wish I didn’t
your always on edge and alert and it happens so fast
then days later your back home but the pain, fear and guilt is hard to get past
now its time to start living and  god, I’m so confused
aint it funny how little it took to light this fuse.  now here we are - boom.

** Pause babe, just know that I hear you
** I love you babe we’ll get thru this together

yea that means a lot to me, I said
And she held me as we sit on the edge of the bed
But I hate how weak I sound, is the only thing I could think really to reply
I hate not being a stronger person, someone who you can rely on

ya, It’s weird, you know, I feel like an alien
I’m always angry, can never sleep, and it’s completely draining
and i’ve pushed everyone away, even you I bet
No one wants a broken person, someone who can’t move on and just forget i guess

the machine of war, spit me out, I guess
yea, I’ll work thru the stress, get thru this damn mess
I gotta fight this hard I know, gonna stop this downward spin
I want the healing to begin,  I know I can win

Peace is best - ya’ll be well



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