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Classically-trained Ceyeo is a songwriter, vocalist and producer from Chicago. Ceyeo’s interest in theme-based albums sparked the creation of ‘Machine Learning’ in 2022, which is about moving forward in a world of alienation and inequality to anyone who doesn’t fit the norm. His second album ‘Baby I Care,’ released in 2023, was themed on caring, hope, optimism and positivity.  


For his third album, titled ‘Together They Were Nothing,’ Ceyeo focuses on the themes of anger, anxiety and despair due to unhealthy relationships, greed and the lack of unity in the world.


In making ‘Together They Were Nothing,’ Ceyeo took a unique approach to first compose 10 classical piano etudes, for inspiration, and then produced those classical pieces into indie rock by adding rock instrumentation, synth layers, and vocals.  The result is a clear evolution in Ceyeo’s writing and his most accessible album yet. 


The first single for Together They Were Nothing, titled ‘Confession’ releases on February 16, 2024, with the full album releasing in October.

u can't hide

you know you can’t hide

I know you are in there

I’m gonna reach in right now

and grab you out of thin air

you know you can’t hide

I know this place

better than john glenn 

knows outer space

can you rap over anything? 

how about a funeral dirge

create an adrenaline surge 

of the introspective urge that’s about to emerge

is it possible to retaliate but elevate

and at the same time also relate 

and try to escalate the good 

and alienate the bad remove the sad and the mad

I’m trying to add not subtract

and to pack in more impact when attacked 

not just react or retract or crack when smacked

none of this is easy, just trying to be me

never been too greedy, too needy, 

but nothing or nobody has ever freed me, or needed me, or even read to me when I was a baby

you know you can’t hide

I know you’re in there

I’m gonna reach in some time

and grab you out of thin air

but I’m still trying to get someone to see the real me (doctor, mama, preacher), whatever

but I don’t think I even see myself right

still a constant fight and I’ve been up all night

just thinking, doing a little drinking trying to keep my head from shrinking and my mood from sinking too far deep, too far gone, too steep

cause that’s not right, you got to fight it, 

you got to think of bright lights despite of the dark night

I guess you always got to have your shit together

like the people I see on TV, or social media and streaming.  it’s multimedia, not schizophrenia, or academia, it’s money, it’s beauty 

it’s cruelty

just shoot me 

you know you can’t hide, 

I know you are in there

day by day, hour by, hour feels like the wrong people get the power, this is their hour and they trying to devour instead of empower they are sociopaths want you to cower to their supposed might

your plight, your fight, your struggle just to do anything right.  It’s twice as hard to do anything, I ain’t lying.  get pulled over for just driving.  On your way to work.

And 10 times more likely to get into trouble for no reason and be beaten by a cretin who’s protected by their chieftain for no good reason other than to defeat and weaken keep the balance uneven 

It’s a lesion on society, adds to our anxiety, hurts our sobriety

It takes us all down, everyone, were all effected when people are neglected, unfairly rejected and arrested instead of invested in and protected

we are all connected, you can’t target a group and not impact the whole it don’t work like that.  

the world’s too small, we are all together

that won’t change ever

you know this

you know I’m not playing

and you know you can’t hide, 

I know you’re in there

I’m gonna reach in right now

and grab you out of thin air



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