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Ceyeo is a Chicago-based artist whose first album, ‘Machine Learning,’ released in 2022, has over 2.5 million streams in over 100 countries.


Inspired by the artists, protest songs and poetry of the 60’s and 70’s, as well as music from all time periods and genres, Ceyeo combines EDM, rock, conscious hip-hop and R&B to create intricate music with an accessible alt feel that subverts typical rock and pop conventions.


Feels like I’m in a dream 

I think you feel the same 

Something’s changing  

We saw how far they’d go 

Hate can kill you nice and slow 

yea yea yea  

The stronger things that live in the dark 

Can you repair what’s been torn apart?  

While falling out of view 

From all the world could gain from you  

Close your eyes 

You want to hide or fly 

So try flying tonight  

This is our time so we won’t wait 

The night is ours so don’t hesitate 

Let’s see how far we go 

Let’s give them a good show tonight  


You want to hide or fly 

And we’re flying



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