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Classically-trained Ceyeo is a songwriter, vocalist and producer from Chicago. Ceyeo’s interest in theme-based albums sparked the creation of ‘Machine Learning’ in 2022, which is about moving forward in a world of alienation and inequality to anyone who doesn’t fit the norm. His second album ‘Baby I Care,’ released in 2023, was themed on caring, hope, optimism and positivity.  


For his third album, titled ‘Together They Were Nothing,’ Ceyeo focuses on the themes of anger, anxiety and despair due to unhealthy relationships, greed and the lack of unity in the world.


In making ‘Together They Were Nothing,’ Ceyeo took a unique approach to first compose 10 classical piano etudes, for inspiration, and then produced those classical pieces into indie rock by adding rock instrumentation, synth layers, and vocals.  The result is a clear evolution in Ceyeo’s writing and his most accessible album yet. 


The first single for Together They Were Nothing, titled ‘Confession’ releases on February 16, 2024, with the full album releasing in October.


Feels like I’m in a dream 

I think you feel the same 

Something’s changing  

We saw how far they’d go 

Hate can kill you nice and slow 

yea yea yea  

The stronger things that live in the dark 

Can you repair what’s been torn apart?  

While falling out of view 

From all the world could gain from you  

Close your eyes 

You want to hide or fly 

So try flying tonight  

This is our time so we won’t wait 

The night is ours so don’t hesitate 

Let’s see how far we go 

Let’s give them a good show tonight  


You want to hide or fly 

And we’re flying



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